FSK UK and Pee-Wee Karate Team

Instructors / Senseis

We are proud to introduce you to our Shotokan Karate instructors, who are all DBS checked and vetted. Meet the team:

Kyoshi DebiChief Instructor & Director - 7th Dan
Sensei MariyaSandan
Sensei SimonaYondan
Sensei StefanYondan
Sensei Max JSandan
Sensei TurelSandan
Sensei MannpreetShodon
Sensei Max BNidan
Sensei CarlyNidan
Sensei IsabellaNidan
Sensei DarceyNidan

Office Team

Our office comprises of Anita Thoma, Alec Steven, Diana Steven

Sempais: Assistant Instructor for Junior Black Belts

Apprenticeship Programme

FSK UK offer our junior black belt students an apprenticeship programme to become a sempai. Sempai means assistant instructor. Sempais need to attend special trainings during the term, are expected to attend FSK UK events and Grading Days whilst they assist in weekly classes.

We currently have numerous Sempais on our scheme, who have been training karate with our club since they were very young. They truly are inspirational role models to their fellow and also our younger students!

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." - Gichin Funakoshi

Contact Us

  • 07546 961462

  • info@fskuk.co.uk

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