Pee-Wee Karate Physical Contact Policy

Like many other ‘contact’ sports, such as boxing, judo or rugby etc, karate and most martial arts have a degree of contact needed in their teaching. It is essential that this should be so. In teaching children, there are acceptable guidelines for the degree of this type of contact and I hope to make these clear in this policy and explain some of the situations where contact MAY BE USED.

Pee-Wee karate focuses on co-ordination, balance and concentration. It is excellent for children to learn control and to channel boisterous energy in a positive way or to bring out the shyer child.
What skills are taught?

☺Team Building
☺Etiquette &Respect
☺Automotive Skills
☺Basic Karate Techniques
☺Discipline & Concentration
☺Hand Eye/Ball co-ordination
☺Positive channelling of energy
☺Confidence & Self-control

Part of teaching Pee-Wee karate is to instruct a sequence of movements which are done in a specific order to help master certain techniques. The verbal explanation goes hand in hand with the physical demonstration as it adds depth to the students’ knowledge of and application of certain techniques. Remember historically karate was learnt and taught as a method of self-defence and so with this in mind the instructor will explain target areas on the body. A good instructor will have knowledge of human anatomy and share that with students.

Basics & technique: Given the age of the children, some limited contact could occur to show the correct position of arms/hands and feet. Risk of contact SLIGHT and kept to very minimum.

Games: Given the age of students and the Pee-Wee karate curriculum, students will be taking part in fun games during karate lessons. Risk of contact between children: Minimal/slight

Rewards: Children may be rewarded at the end of the class with a stamp. The stamp may only be placed in the area from the elbow down to the hand. Usually this would be on the back of the hand. A sticker may be rewarded to a child, who has performed outstandingly in class.


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