FSK Karate Classes

Experience the incredible power of respect, etiquette, discipline, leadership, teamwork, fitness, fun, friendships and much more in our dynamic FSK UK karate classes.

Funakoshi Karate is an international Shotokan style of karate that is practiced in over 35 countries around the world.

FSK UK offer classes for beginners and all kyu levels for children (6+ years), adults and woman only classes.

Students will work towards grading for different colour belts on their karate journey with the ultimate goal of being awarded a black belt. 

Please also read about the history or Shotokan Karate here.


What happens during a class?

Our classes are taught by black belt instructors only and some senior instructors (Senseis) are assisted by our junior black belt students (Sempais).

Students are taught a set syllabus for their gradings (exams) as well as kumite (sparring) techniques. Students will learn basic Japanese martial arts jargon during their training.

Classes start with a warm up and revision of what has been learnt previously and students then move onto learning their kata (sequence of movements) for their kyu (belt) grading at the end of the term.

Training is usually 1 hour or 1.5 hours long, depending on the day and class the student has decided to register for. We offer a reduced termly fee structure for students attending more than one class a week. Please enquire with our office for further details on the fee structure.

Classes are structured in such a way that students may join the club at any time during a term. Classes are term time only. 

Students will follow a set syllabus and before being awarded a new colour belt they will need to pass the grading exam. Examination days are held at the end of a term in March, July and December. Students due to grade will receive an invoice and Grading and Training Day newsletter around half term time.

Classes open to the public:

Barnes: St Michael’s Community Centre (39 Elm Bank Gardens, Barnes Bridge, SW13 0NX)
Clapham Common: St Barnabas’ Church (Northside, SW4 9SW)
Ham/Richmond: German School - DSL - (Tuesdays): Studio, Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 7AH
Kew Gardens: Scout Hall (Station Avenue, Kew Village, TW9 3QA)
Kennington/Lambeth: Kennington community Centre (SE11 5SY)
Teddington: Stanley Primary School (Strathmore Rd, TW11 8UH)
Teddington: St Mark’s (St Mark’s Road, TW11 9DE)
Twickenham: All Hallows Church (Encroft Way, TW1 1EW)
Wimbledon: Pelham Primary School (Southey Rd, SW19 1NU)

Further classes are held at the following schools only for pupils attending these schools:

If you cannot see your child’s school, then please get in touch with us to see if we can arrange for karate to be offered at your child’s school.

Broomfield House School
Darell Primary School
DSL, Petersham (The German School)
Eaton Square Schools
Pelham Primary School
Queens Prep College (London)
Stanley Primary School
St Catherine’s School (Teddington)
St Richard’s School (Ham)
The Hampshire School, Chelsea
The King's Church of England School, Kew Gardens, Richmond
Trafalgar Infant and Junior Schools
Twickenham Primary Academy


Class Timetable

Karate Kit & Order Form

Uniforms / Karate Kit

FSK students may initially wear comfortable PE style clothing. Once the student is settled into the classes it is recommended to wear the traditional white karate gi (suit) to training classes.

Students are required to have a gi with our FSK UK club badge affixed to the front right side of the white top by the time they are due to grade at the end of the term.


It is recommended to purchase a pair of thumbless mitts for kumite (sparring) training as well as a mouthguard.

For competitions or fight nights, male students are required to wear a groin protection


Suits, sparring/protection kit and more may be purchased through our online ordering form.


The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." - Gichin Funakoshi

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